Volleyball Latino Player

Volleyball Latino is a family-friendly league where we play the best sport in the world. All the team registration fees pay for the expenses of Casa de Paz.

Here is one of the league's players: 


“This league brings things I love together: helping families, making a community, and volleyball.”

Andrea found Volleyball Latino through a radio ad, and was immediately excited to have a venue to continue playing volleyball after high school. She quickly discovered that it wasn’t just a “pay and play” league, but that it offered something much deeper and more meaningful. 

“I met people staying at Casa de Paz. I got involved. I’ve gone to visit people who are staying there, and brought a family to come watch our volleyball final. The two little boys and their dad were in a time of transition, and they got to watch the game and just feel normal.” 

“Volleyball Latino has created a community.” 

The teams range from beginner to competitive, meaning that new players are constantly being added and new people are hearing about the league and the cause. Andrea said, “People can try something, and know that their money is going toward something good. They are sympathetic to the cause, and then they become part of something fun and important.” 

While the majority of Volleyball Latino players are Latino, it’s far from the only demographic involved. There’s a Mongolian team, and a player from Guam. Andrea said, “There’s a real diversity here, just like at the Casa. It’s awesome to have that here.” 

Andrea volunteers as a translator at the Casa de Paz, and has witnessed the effort it has taken to grow the nonprofit and offer the services Sarah Jackson and Casa de Paz currently provide. Andrea said “witnessing the work of nonprofits has changed my aspirations from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to support nonprofit work. I want to help Sarah do what she does now, and help her do more. This work clicks for me.”