Welcoming Families from the Caravan to Colorado

Caravan couple.JPG
Caravan couple's baby.JPG

Today we received news from Piper over at American Friends Service Committee that a young family who was part of the caravan were passing through Colorado on their way to their family in another state. 

We were able to be part of welcoming them to Denver, if only for a short while by giving them a gift of cash to make their bus ride as comfortable as possible. 

I don't know about you, but I feel proud that I know people who care so much about complete strangers that we want to say, "Welcome! We are glad you are here!" 

There may be more families like this coming through Colorado and you can be sure we wanna give them the same exact greeting. Stay tuned on ways to be part of a welcome team! Oh, and tune into Telemundo tonight to watch this story on the news. 

Families belong together, 

Sarah J