I began vomiting blood

We have hosted several moms at Casa de Paz who have been separated from their children at the border. Listen to this mom share her story of how she was treated in detention. And remember, to make it even more unbearable, she went through this experience while her child was separated from her and being held in a detention center in a completely different part of the country. 

Watch this news segment where I share other stories of mothers who are going through horrific and terrifying time in their lives as they desperately search for their children, 

Moms and dads are still suffering. They still need help to pay their bonds so they can begin making plans to reunite with their children. They still need calling cards so they can try to locate their children and talk with them. Please plan to attend our Family Reunification Happy Hour Fundraiser on Friday, July 13. You can find more info by clicking here.

Families belong together,

Sarah J