Oliver's family is reunited!!

After over three years of being separated, Oliver's family is finally reunited!! Many of you know Oliver was released from immigrant detention a couple years ago after winning asylum and now lives at Casa de Paz with me taking care of our guests and volunteers.

Last Thursday we received news that Mirabelle was granted a $5,000 bond. We immediately jumped into action because our volunteer appreciation dinner was Saturday night and we wanted her to be there and surprise our community. We probably hit eighty four million roadblocks (I personally counted each one) BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY OLIVER PAID HER BOND AND SHE WAS RELEASED FROM IMMIGRANT DETENTION!! Oliver, Mirabelle and Kylie are all back together again-- right where they belong!!

Oliver has been supported in every way possible as he's worked tirelessly to reunify with his wife and little girl. This was truly an effort that was made possible by the power of the people. Muchas gracias to everyone who came alongside Oliver and loved him supremely well in so many different ways. This is one of the most magnificent stories ever to witness. Thank you for being part of it. 

Families belong together,

Sarah J