A picture drawn by a detained immigrant

Picture drawn by detained immigrant.JPG

A guest at Casa de Paz showed us this picture he drew while he was locked behind the bars of the immigrant detention center in Colorado.

This picture makes me feel so so many emotions all at once.

...my heart hurts because I see a sad, lonely person feeling hopeless.


...at the same time I feel extremely humbled and proud to be part of the Casa family that does everything we can to remind immigrants they are welcome in this country.

A few months ago I heard a quote. I'm sorry I can't remember the exact words but the main idea was, There's a difference between 'You are welcome here' and ''This was created with you in mind'.

The hope of my heart and soul is that when men and women released from the immigrant detention center are welcomed into the Casa, they know that not only do they belong here, but that our home was created specifically with them in mind.

With perseverance and hope,

Sarah J

PS. A special thanks to our volunteer, Hillary, for taking this picture.