There's an I in team

Okay... I know my mom is gonna slap me for this one, but as I was searching for inspirational team quotes, I stumbled across this. Not sure it's inspirational... but it's something! :)

team quote.png

On Saturday, February 23rd @ noon we are coming together for our Launch Lunch where we are introducing three new teams for you to volunteer in: admin, special events and outreach.  

This year we are inviting you to join in our work in a new way. We have decided to form volunteer teams that can go beyond direct services and help Casa de Paz operate better, grow larger and take our mission to the next level.

To learn more about our plans for these teams check out this flyer.

Then fill out this short Volunteer Appreciation Survey to RSVP for the lunch (or express interest in joining a team if you can't make the lunch). Also in the survey we ask what makes you feel loved and appreciated because that matters to us!

In gratitude,

Sarah J