Accompany immigrants affected by detention


One quote I've been pondering is from Mother Teresa, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other."

Often times it's easy to forget the simple things in life like I belong to you, and you belong to me.

Well... have no fear -- I'm about to give you some opportunities to belong to one another:) Read below and find ways to walk alongside immigrants affected by detention. 

Families belong together,

Sarah J

Baby Shower For Newborn Whose Dad Was Deported
Baby Stefany's father was deported just a few days after she was born, leaving behind her mother to take care of her alone. We are throwing Stefany a baby shower on Monday to remind this family they're not alone and we care about them! Click here to find all the event info and items the family needs.

Host Transgender Women from Central America
Hello! I'm Brian and a Casa de Paz volunteer. For the past 7 months I have been hosting two transgender women from Central America who are seeking asylum. It is incredibly fulfilling. It grows my spirit towards nurturing and resistance. I help them navigate US culture, and help with their legal, financial, and medical needs. 

The Sante Fe Dreamers project is looking for sponsors in the Denver area. It is a powerful way to help immigrants escaping violence and transform helplessness into action! Here is a beautiful article written about a sponsor in New York:

It requires: 1) a place for the asylum seeker to sleep, 2) around $500 a month (raised from the community), 3) easy access to a bus stop, 4) rudimentary Spanish (I rely heavily on google translate). If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or financially helping sponsors, reach out!

Get To Know Martin From Cameroon
Martin, an asylum speaker from Cameroon currently living with a volunteer family in Highlands Ranch, is struggling with the uncertainty of the situation in Cameroon and the dangers his family is facing.  He just found out his younger brother was arrested and put in jail, and he feels powerless to help.  His host family, Sarah and Darren Straus, are dealing with some personal medical issue right now and have reached out to ask for some help from the Casa community.  Martin would love some friendship and companionship as he works through these difficult times.  If you are able to spend some time with him, it would be greatly appreciated.  He can be reached directly via text at 720-644-8163.  Be sure to let him know you’re a volunteer with Casa De Paz.  Thank you!