Casa de Paz's 7th Birthday Party With Us!

happy 7th bday.jpg

**Requires RSVP!!** (link below)

Let's go watch an inspiring movie about an immigration lawyer fighting for the rights of asylum seekers to celebrate Casa de Paz turning seven years old!!

saint judy poster.jpg

The movie tickets are on us, our way of saying THANK YOU for being part of the Casa de Paz family!!

Saint Judy tells the story of the heroic yet humble immigration attorney Judy Wood. In a landmark case, Wood represents a woman who was persecuted by the Taliban for opening a school for girls and forced to flee her home country. Judy fights day and night, in and out of court, weathering devastating losses and setbacks... all while juggling life as a single mother to her beloved son. Like Erin Brockovich, Saint Judy tells the story of a woman who will stop at nothing to advocate for change, upending unjust laws and saving future generations to come.

Watch the movie trailer here.

Click here to RSVP.

And yes, we'll eat cupcakes together after the movie:)

Sarah J