Daddy!! Daddy!!

A while back we hosted a lovely family in our hospitality home. But something was not quite right. They weren't all together... not yet at least. 

The father was locked behind immigrant detention center bars, separated from his beloved wife and two precious daughters. The wife and daughters stayed at Casa de Paz a couple of times as they drove in from out of town to visit him and be present for his day in immigration court. 

Thankfully one day he received the good news, "You're going to be released."

We waited for our volunteers to pick him up from the detention center and anxiously awaited his arrival. And then it happened. We heard him walking up sidewalk and the girls just started screaming, "Daddy!! Daddy!!" and ran into his big, open, outstretched arms.

THIS is the moment we live for. THIS is the world we believe in. THIS is Casa de Paz.

Families belong together,

Sarah J