More and more guests

Companion team with guests.JPG

We've been hosting more and more guests at Casa de Paz recently!

I'm not completely positive, but I believe part of the reason more folks are being released is because the detention center recently expanded their contract with ICE for how many people they are locking up. It's around 1,500 immigrants, which means eventually more people will also be released. 

To put this in perspective, here are a few numbers to compare:

Guests hosted in April, 2019: 103 (that's EIGHTY more guests than last April!!!)
Total number of guests who have stayed at the Casa: 2037
Total countries we've hosted guests from: 30 

Our volunteers have showed up BIG TIME providing exceptional hospitality with such love and compassion it's overwhelming to witness. The Casa is full of such joy and beauty each night and it's all possible because of our volunteer team.

If you're already a volunteer and want to sign up to help, please click here for a list of opportunities. If you're not a volunteer and are interested in joining our team, we hold volunteer trainings on Saturdays and our next one is June 8 from 1pm - 3pm @ Highlands Church. Click here to RSVP and save your spot. 

At the end of the evening the volunteer in charge of the night sends me an update text filling me in on how the night went. This screenshot was sent to me by our superstar volunteer, Molly. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did! 


With perseverance and hope,

Sarah J