Taking Away Shoelaces From Detained Immigrants


Seven years ago when I opened up Casa de Paz I began noticing something odd. Most of the guests who stayed in my home after their release from immigrant detention had one thing in common -- they had no shoelaces.

My curiosity prompted me to begin asking the men and women what had happened to them. Their answer stunned me. Here's what I heard over and over and over and over again.

"They took away our shoelaces because so many people tried to hang themselves with them."

Can you imagine conditions so deplorable that you want it all to end and you look at your shoelaces as a way to escape the torture?

We had hundreds of shoelaces in our guest bedrooms at the Casa so people could once again remember the feeling of tying their shoelaces.

Our stockpile of shoelaces has dwindled down to zero. Friday we gave away our last two pairs. If you would like to buy a guest shoelaces you can visit our Target Gift Registry and order some. They'll be sent directly to the Casa and given to those whose shoelaces were removed and never given back. Click here to take a look at our Target Gift Registry: http://www.target.com/gift-registry/gift/casadepaz

It's the simple things in life right? :)

With perseverance and hope,

Sarah J