Jorge Celebrates His Birthday at Casa de Paz

There are so many things I love about this video of a birthday celebration in our hospitality home.

- How happy Jorge is to be released from immigrant detention just in time to eat birthday cake.

- How everyone in the room joined in on the celebration. Moments before they were strangers (emphasized by the part where he has to remind everyone of his name haha!) and now they're celebrating together.

- At the end, the woman starts in on a traditional birthday song from her country and at first people in the kitchen are a little confused because they had never heard it before. But then they tried to join in with her. And everyone was smiling.

Warms every part of my heart completely. And... I just wanted to share this moment with all y'all.

Es todo:)

Sarah J

PS. A big thanks to superstar volunteer, Leslie, for taking this video!