Bringing A Meal for Casa de Paz Guests

Thanks for taking time to prepare a meal for guests who stay at Casa de Paz. When immigrants are in detention, they are fed tasteless and unhealthy food day after day after day after day. It’s a joy to provide a healthy, delicious meal to celebrate their freedom!

  • Sign up here to bring a meal

  • Our home is open on weekdays at 6pm to deliver the meal

  • Plan to feed 4-6 people

  • No dietary restrictions. Whatever you want to bring over, our guests will appreciate.  

  • You can either prepare the meal in your home or bring over ingredients and cook at the Casa. If you do cook in our kitchen, you can help by cleaning up after the meal is prepared. Many hands make light work. :)

  • If you can bring the meal in disposable containers, that’s better for us. With so many guests and volunteers coming in and out of the house, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive your containers back. Oooops haha!

  • Bringing over paper plates, plastic utensils and cups is not necessary, but it does help the clean up process