Help Oliver Fight Lymphoma

*This is for your eyes only. Oliver has not been able to communicate his cancer diagnosis to all members of his family in Cameroon yet. Until he has a chance to do so, please keep this information private (especially nothing shared on social media). When we have the green light to share with others we will let you know.*

Donate to Oliver’s GoFundMe and help his family pay for medical and living expenses. He will be hospitalized for at least two months as he begins his aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Other ways to help:

Oliver’s Story

It was 2016 when Oliver fled from his home. Conflict in Cameroon was escalating and his life was at risk. He embarked on a journey to safety, not knowing when he would see his wife, Mirabelle, or baby daughter, Kylie, again. After three dangerous months of travel through several different countries, Oliver arrived at the U.S. border and promptly spent seven months in immigrant detention. When he was finally granted asylum, he found shelter at Casa de Paz, a Denver nonprofit that offers hospitality to newly-released immigrants.

Once he was free, Oliver worked night and day to bring his family to safety. At the same time, he became a crucial presence at Casa de Paz and helped to welcome and reunite hundreds of other families torn apart by immigrant detention. In early 2019, after more than two years of tireless efforts, Oliver’s family joined him at last.

Free, safe, and together again, Oliver, Mirabelle, and four-year-old Kylie shared six days of unshadowed joy followed by a devastating shock. Oliver was diagnosed with lymphoma. He is truly one of the most compassionate, hard-working, cheerful people on earth and everyone who loves him is reeling.

Now, Oliver faces at least two months of hospitalization while he undergoes chemotherapy to treat this aggressive and fast-growing cancer. During his hospitalization, Oliver won’t be able to work and Mirabelle isn’t eligible to apply for a work permit yet. We’re raising money to assist the family with medical expenses. The funds will also be used for daily needs like groceries and to care for the well-being of Mirabelle and Kylie who have just arrived in a new country and already face a difficult and confusing time.

One of Oliver’s favorite sayings is, "Many hands make light work." We invite you to join hands with us, knowing that together we can lighten the burden for an extraordinarily good man.

If you’d like to read more about Oliver’s journey to seek asylum (and his amazing table tennis skills), the Denverite has an in-depth article, which you can find here. You can also sign up here to receive emails with updates and ongoing needs.

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