Meet Our Guests


A few months ago Victor was arrested by ICE in the middle of the night. He was immediately transferred to a detention center far away from his home, separated from his three children with no warning.

Days turned into weeks turned into months and Victor sat behind bars wondering when he would hug his children again.

Thankfully one bright sunny day Victor received the joyous news that he would be released from immigrant detention. He began packing his few belongings and was released, out into the streets, with the same clothes he was arrested by ICE in. His pajamas.

We had the wonderful gift of hosting Victor at Casa de Paz as he made plans to get back home to his family. He enjoyed a delicious dinner surrounded by friendly people who cared about him, he found some clothes and a warm winter jacket in our closet and then had a peaceful night of rest.

The following morning he hugged us goodbye, eloquently thanked us for opening up the doors of our home to him and parted with these words, "One of the best parts about being released from detention is that I am treated like a human being again."

We are so happy that Victor is now back with his family-- right where he belongs!