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Reunite A Family

Thousands of families were separated. And...there is one you can help right now.

We are coming together to raise bond money to get moms and dads who were separated from their children out of detention and reunite with them, as well as travel expenses to reunite the families. 

The Casa community has

  • Bonded out seven moms and dads who were torn apart from their children at the border
  • Paid travel costs for 17 parents to reunite with their children
  • Paid over $500 in calling cards for detained parents to locate and speak with their children

We’re coming together to send a message to moms, dads and their children. We love you. You belong together. You are not alone.

Please donate online or text the word "Casa" to 50555 and give from your phone.

Your support matters so much to these families. Here are a few words directly from them for you:

  •  “All of you outside do a lot, when I have no hope you give me strength to continue fighting for a better future for my family.” 
  • “After I crossed the border, I did not think I would encounter phenomenal people as you are.”
  • “Thank you for your kindness, help, compassion and especially, for the love that is in your hearts.” 
  •  “I thank God for giving life to such wonderful people as all of you and to put you in my path.” 
  •  “If the world were as all of you, it would be a perfect world.”