Guest Information

We provide hospitality for families visiting their loved ones who are detained and people released from detention and need assistance in their transition to their family. 

Our services include:

  • a home to stay in for up to three days

  • healthy meals

  • telephone, computer and WIFI access

  • clothing

  • personal hygiene products

You are welcome at Casa de Paz-- our home is your home! You will be treated with dignity and respect during your stay with us. 

Our volunteers go to the detention center every day at 6pm to pick up people who have been released and bring them to the Casa. No reservations are necessary. If you are traveling in from out of town and would like to reserve a room, please fill out the form below or call us at 720.500.2272. 

Travel Information

This information is designed to give you help when you purchase a ticket for your family member or friend who is staying with us at Casa de Paz. 

Ticket Guidelines

Purchase tickets from the following airport or bus stations:

or from 

Tickets must be purchased for 11pm (at night) or later. We need several hours to drive to the airport or bus station, print the ticket and get through security. Our volunteers will provide transportation and offer their help only during evening hours. We can guarantee transportation if the ticket is for 11pm (at night) or later. 

Please get confirmation from a Casa de Paz volunteer that the ticket information is correct before purchasing it. We want to avoid making a mistake which may require someone to buy a second ticket. 

Once confirmation is received that the ticket is correct, you can buy it online with a credit card. You will receive a confirmation code after purchasing it. This will be a combination of letters and numbers. Give your friend the following info. They will need all this information to print out their ticket. 

  • confirmation code

  • departing date

  • departing time

  • destination city

  • name of the airline

We are looking forward to getting your family home to you—right where they belong!